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7-week training fellowship for professional engineers and scientists leading to a career in machine learning

In 2012, Insight created a new model for professional education
  • Seven week full-time training fellowship
  • Need-based scholarships available
  • Solve real world problems with AI
  • Contribute to the latest open source AI projects
  • Build scalable, distributed AI systems
  • Learn from top industry leaders and Insight alumni. Self-directed, no classes.
  • Interview with top companies
Silicon Valley
New York
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Week 1
Week 2-4
Week 5-7
  • Fellows are experienced quantitative researchers or software engineers with some experience in machine learning
  • Designed for candidates from both industry and academic positions
  • Strong motivation to apply state-of-the-art AI methods to industry's most difficult problems
  • Mentorship from AI experts and open source leaders
  • Learn best practices and cutting-edge techniques from heads of AI teams at the world's top companies
  • Receive hands-on mentorship from Insight alumni who themselves are leading AI professionals at companies like Google, Apple, Mercedes, Salesforce, and others
  • Interact with over 50 AI professionals: deep learning experts, ML engineers, computer vision researchers
"Insight exposed me to all the top teams and the current state of the art in industry. The mentorship, the community, and the support positioned me perfectly for a smooth and successful transition to my new role."
Matar Haller
Team Lead, Algorithmic AI Research, SparkBeyond
Summer 2016 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
  • Fellows interview with top AI teams at the end of the program
  • Insight works with every Fellow until they land an artificial intelligence role
  • Join an elite professional network of data scientists, data engineers, and AI professionals
Mentorship from industry and open source leaders
"The exposure to companies is very valuable and you get a network larger than that of many who have been in industry for years."
Alex Smolyanskaya
Data Scientist, Abl
Winter 2015 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
  • Insight alumni are shaping the future of the data industry
  • Stay connected with a diverse alumni network as you advance in your career
  • Engage in the Insight community through technical workshops and social events
"Insight was a challenging, enriching experience that pushed me to, and ultimately, past my limits. I really appreciated the opportunity to participate and grow with other fellows, and joining the extensive alumni network was invaluable."
Michael Beaumier
Data Scientist, Google
Winter 2016 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
Insight works with hiring teams from diverse companies
“A company to provide scientists a smoother pathway into the tech industry”
"Employers are increasingly looking to an elite program called Insight Data Science Fellows Program.”
“The program combines mentoring by data experts from local companies (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn) with exposure to actual big data challenges.”
Join the Insight Alumni of
Data Scientists & Engineers
Insight Fellows become leaders in artificial intelligence
Justin Gilmer
Research Scientist
Google Brain
Insight Fellow Winter 2015
Melissa Runfeldt
Senior Data Scientist
Einstein AI at Salesforce
Insight Fellow Summer 2016
TJ Torres
Principal Data Scientist
Insight Fellow Summer 2015
Alex Gude
Staff Data Scientist
Insight Fellow Summer 2015