Insight Guarantee

At Insight, our core value is to put Fellows first, and we are, first and foremost, committed to the long-term success of our Fellows. Since 2012, we've been proving that commitment with our ever-growing community of over 3,000 alumni in thriving careers. Below, learn what it takes to be a successful Fellow, and how Insight backs that success with its guarantee.

Insight's Guarantee

When you become a Fellow, Insight makes a guarantee to you with three components:

You accept an offer for a position that earns at least $90,000 USD annually.

You accept an offer dated within 6 months of the end date of the 7-week training program.

You accept an offer within a field relevant to the programs offered by Insight.

Fellows receive the full membership benefits for the remainder of their career, even if their financial commitment is waived as a result of the guarantee not being satisfied. Full details on the guarantee are available in our Membership Guidelines.
Insight's "Pay-it-Forward" Network
A big part of what makes Insight so special is it's vibrant community of former Fellows who have transitioned to thriving careers and are now leaders in their field.

When Fellows in our community are successful, they pay-it-forward to benefit the entire network, acting as mentors to future Fellows, just as the previous sessions’ alums did for them. Learning is accelerated when the diverse Fellow community volunteers their time to help, through mentorship & participation on the knowledge platform.
Fellow Commitments
Invest in your Future
Collaborate with Fellows
Support your Community
  • Actively participate full-time in the seven-week training program that commences your Insight membership
  • Adhere to the Insight Code of Conduct that fosters a professional working environment
  • Volunteer mentorship for future Insight Fellows after you begin your new career
  • Commit to financially contributing to Insight if you satisfy the Membership Guarantee
“In the first half of the session, Insight acts much like a personal trainer. It sets what appear to be unattainable goals, assures you that yes you can do it, and at the end of the week says, "See? I told you so. Here's what's next." In the second half of the session, Insight guides you through the convoluted and often opaque process of interviewing for a data science position.

I can't express how thankful I am for having participated in Insight. I ended up with a position at a top company that I never would have even applied to had I attempted this process on my own.”

- Lindsay Vass, Data Scientist, Facebook