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Hear about the Fellow experience from Insight alumni

Insight provided me with many resources for growing as a data scientist, and ultimately helped me to land a job. But the most important takeaway I have from my time in the program is the network of smart and capable fellows and alumni. The connections that I formed during this time helped me to realize where my skills and interests could fit among the diverse options available in data science.”

- Chanin Woods, Data Scientist, Apple
“I joined the Insight Fellows program as I was wrapping up my Master's in CS. Although I learned a ton during my Master's, a lot of that knowledge was theoretical, and I lacked the practical experience necessary to get a Data Engineering role. Insight was the perfect bridge into the industry, by providing an environment where I was able to get hands-on experience with the latest trends in Big Data. Furthermore, Insight allowed me to tap into an extensive network of alumni who are doing amazing work in their careers. I could not have imagined a better way of being welcomed into the field of Data Engineering, and I am amazed at how much I learned during my time at Insight.”

- Anuved Verma, Data Engineer, Facebook

The Insight A.I. fellowship was the missing piece to transition myself from being a mobile engineer to a deep learning engineer. I highly recommend this program to any engineer who is aspired to work in the deep learning field.”

- Jack Kwok, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer, Lyft

“Insight works! I learned more than I thought was possible in six weeks and accepted my dream job within two weeks of the end of the program. Not only that, I gained a
valuable network of friends and colleagues that I am sure to rely on in the years to come.”

- Becky Tucker, Senior Data Scientist, Netflix
When I finished my PhD, I had considerable experience with stats and analytics, as well as coding and software development. But what I lacked was context and network. Insight provided both.
By context, I mean an understanding of the analytics challenges industry faces, and the roles they seek to fill to address those challenges. The visits by companies and industry leaders that Insight arranged provide all of that, in addition to pitching individual teams and jobs. This became critical in interviews, as I was able to describe my background to potential employers in a way that emphasized the value I offered in terms of the challenges they face.

In terms of network, the Insight alums and visitors were already invaluable in terms of helping me get a feel for the industry, but their true value will come in the coming months and years as I get integrated into the Bay area data science community.

Insight was a huge career lift and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who needs that extra push!”

- John McDonnell, Data Science Manager, Stitch Fix
Insight made my career transition process a hundred times easier. While it was still my responsibility to learn the new skills and do the interviews, Insight gave me amazing resources and connections to companies I wouldn't have otherwise had. The people - both the directors and the fellows - are the best part of all, however. I learned so much from my fellow Insighters, and had a genuinely fun time doing the program with them.”

- Ruth Toner, Senior Data Scientist, Twitch

“My time at Insight was by far the most productive I've had in my life. I've never learned so much, this fast. I attribute this to the fact that everyone in the program, from the Insight staff to the fellows, was
extremely passionate, smart and friendly. I am very excited to be part of this great community.”

- Daniel Perez-Baker, Data Scientist, Microsoft
I really enjoyed my time at Insight. The learning material is awesome, and the transparency really makes this program so effective for every fellow. The network is a huge plus and I can see me getting benefit from it throughout my whole career.”

- Xi Wang, Software Engineer, Hubspot

“Insight is a life-changing experience. I learned a lot, made great connections, and feel much more confident transitioning into tech industry.”

- Joy Rimchala, Staff Data Scientist, Intuit
“It was one of the most intense, intellectually-gratifying and fun-packed 2 months that I've ever had. So much knowledge was gained during that time, and the other fellows were nothing short of outstanding. Insight was amazing in making us comfortable and successfully guiding us through the messy transition from academia to fully-fledged data scientists!”

- Thomas Vincent, Head of Data Science, Getty Images
“I have had a few different people ask me about Insight, and whether or not it was worth all the blood, sweat and tears. And I always say "Yes. Definitely." I think that Insight really offers something above and beyond what other data science 'bootcamps' can offer. Insight emphasizes that it is not really a bootcamp, and that is absolutely true. We don't just learn some set of data science techniques. We really learn how to make products from start to finish, and design them with advice from professionals in cutting edge companies. And that is one of the most powerful things to have in your portfolio in order to successfully pass interviews and get into the pipeline for the best data science jobs.”

- Melanie Day, Software Engineer, Uber
“Insight was the best decision I made given where I was six months ago. It helped me understand what it was like to interview for software engineering positions and has definitely prepared me for future interviews and for life in Silicon Valley. Thank you!”

- Catherine Alvarado, Full Stack Engineer, Qventus
“I had heard great things about Insight before starting the program, but didn't realize how lucky I was to go through this experience until I was in it. Not only did I feel confident walking into interviews (which I would not have straight out of my PhD) but the community built among the fellows and the network of alumni are just crazy resources. It was an insane 7 weeks, but now I feel prepared to start my job which makes all of the adrenaline fueled late nights worth it.

I am also so happy to have a group of friends all in the same city who I can enjoy both in my professional life as well as on weekend adventures. I highly recommend the Insight Data Science program!”

- Katie Porter, Field Engineer, Tamr
“Insight provided me with an opportunity to be part of a league of extremely talented people provided with an opportunity to express their ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed my time brainstorming ideas, whiteboarding algorithms and building efficient data pipelines on AWS.”

- Ajay Kavuri, Software Development Engineer, Amazon
“Becoming an Insight Fellow is one of the best career decisions I have ever made. It was incredible to see how all of the skills I already had were so applicable and how successful I could be with them. For my weaker skills and areas that I needed to learn completely, it was amazing to have a supportive environment of passionate, caring, and intelligent fellows around me to help me learn those subjects. I honestly believe that they wanted to help me succeed, and I absolutely wanted to help them succeed as a result. And that does not even include the wisdom that the program directors and alumni provide!

I feel like I now belong to an incredibly strong network of people, many whom I now consider good friends. I am honored to have been part of this amazing program, and I cannot wait to move to the next chapter of my life as a professional data scientist!”

- Gareth Kafka, Data Scientist, Vectra Networks
Before I started Insight I knew that I wanted to work in the data science field, but I had very little idea what that meant. I had taken courses online and worked on my coding, but I didn't know what to focus on. The program familiarized me with tools used in the data science field as well as the types of problems that data scientists tackle. By the time I finished, I felt confident and excited about starting my new job. The skills I learned about interviewing and how the industry works were invaluable as well.

I now feel well connected in the data science scene in Boston and I think I made a very informed decision about the job offer that I took.”

- Alexis Yelton, Senior Data Science Manager, TiVo
“If you were considering a career in industry after academia, Insight is the best choice you could make. You get a supportive environment, a new set of friends and colleagues, and an educational experience that will prepare you for succeeding in your new career. But make no mistake, you will work hard. Very hard. But it won't feel that bad, because Insight is like the funnest parts of your PhD, without any of the ick ;)”

- Robert Vesco, Data Scientist, Bloomberg

“I had spoken to several Insight alums prior to joining the program. However, even though I was prepared for the intense Insight approach of "drinking from a fire hose", I was still surprised. The project weeks are exciting and stressful, exhilarating and frustrating - a constant roller coaster every minute of each day. But I learned so much! And then the project is followed up with weeks of thorough interview prep. Nothing else prepares us quite like Insight for the rapid pace of learning, flexibility, and resiliency.

Insight definitely provided me a basis for a long, successful career - both in terms of a knowledge foundation and in the amazing network of people that I am privileged to join.”

- Rachel Wagner-Kaiser, Data Scientist, KPMG
“Insight was an amazing experience. I could not have imagined a better place to come and successfully make the transition from grad school to the tech industry. Most importantly, I felt incredibly informed about the various data science opportunities out there and know that my first industry job will be something that I truly want to do and can excel in. The sessions were great, the companies were great and the other fellows were all amazing. Insight is a valuable network that will not only paid dividends in my first job, but will in years to come as the Data Science field evolves and I grow in my career!”

- Subhan Ali, Senior Developer Relations Manager, NVIDIA
“There was so much I didn't know about applying to data science roles that I learned at Insight, and I'm certain that I would never have been as successful in my job search without the personalized training and support I got at Insight. Coming from a non-STEM background, Insight gave me the tools to articulate my unique perspective and the confidence to show what I could contribute to tech companies. It was seven weeks of hard work, but by the end I felt totally prepared and ready to succeed in the interview process.”

- Allison Hegel, Data Scientist, HackerRank
“This was the experience of a lifetime.

6 months ago, I struck out with every company I applied for. Nobody would even give me a call back! These include Airbnb and Facebook, the same companies that I got offers from (and aggressively pursued me) after going through Insight. I can't say enough positive things about this program.
Thank you!!!”

- Carlos Farnam, Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn
“It was ultimately a fun experience, I felt challenged throughout the whole program. It's also a great feeling to be working alongside so many smart and hardworking individuals. So many different educational backgrounds, but all are capable and driven. Thoroughly enjoyed the program.

- Sam Nyugen, Data Engineer, automotiveMasterMind
“In the first half of the session, Insight acts much like a personal trainer. It sets what appear to be unattainable goals, assures you that yes you can do it, and at the end of the week says, "See? I told you so. Here's what's next." In the second half of the session, Insight guides you through the convoluted and often opaque process of interviewing for a data science position.

I can't express how thankful I am for having participated in Insight. I ended up with a position at a top company that I never would have even applied to had I attempted this process on my own.”

- Lindsay Vass, Data Scientist, Facebook
“Insight provided invaluable access to cool companies, resources to prepare for interviews, and a network of accomplished colleagues. Thank you!”

- Thomas Noriega, Machine Learning Engineer, Dia & Co
“Insight immersed me in the tech culture of Silicon Valley and the hottest big data tools in the industry. I've gained a valuable network of like-minded individuals and a great technical experience that I can reference for years to come. I encountered some of the brightest, friendliest, and most driven individuals in the data engineering world, and am honored to have worked with them.”

- Colin Biafore, Software Engineer, Recondo Technology
“Insight was an extraordinary hub of intellectual exploration, learning, collaboration and particularly networking. There is no better way to get a holistic view of the realm of Data Science and journey alongside other bright, like-minded Fellows.”

- Jenny Lin, Data Scientist, Yelp
“By becoming an Insight fellow I was able to get a job in data science at a company I am extremely excited about. In the process, I became a part of an incredibly supportive network of people who will be thought leaders in data science for years to come.”

- Matt Bailey, Gamma Analytics Associate, BCG
“Right from the beginning at Insight I looked forward to going to the office. Despite working so much, the other people there were so awesome that I enjoyed all of it. Yes, Insight got me a job, I'd do it again just for the experience.”

- Kevin O’Sullivan, Data Scientist, Grammarly
“Trusting my future to Insight was the best decision of my life. They provided the support and encouragement I needed to develop new skills and take charge of my career.”

- Courtney Epstein, Data Science Manager, ZocDoc
“Overall I think Insight was amazing. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. A lot of that is attributed to the amazing people at Insight (fellows and directors, etc.). The rest is because of the amazing well-planning structure of Insight. Expect to work extremely hard, but it's well worth it. 10/10, would fellow again.”

- Ken Soong, Staff Data Scientist, LinkedIn

“Insight is one of the surest and shortest paths for developing a career in data science, big data, and machine learning.”

- Matineh Shaker, AI Engineer, Bonsai
Insight was the perfect transition between neuroscience and data science. You're instantly thrown in with a group of stellar colleagues and get to work on a totally different, fun project for a few weeks. The exposure to companies is very valuable and you get a network larger than that of many data scientists who have been in the industry for years.”

- Alex Smolyanskaya, Data Scientist, Stitch Fix
“Insight gave me opportunities I could not have found on my own, and I ended up with three amazing job offers and a community of friends across the industry!”

- Julia Bennett, Senior Data Engineer, Netflix
“Insight is an awesome program that serves as a bridge between academia and industry. Let's say I discount the fact that I landed a job through the program, I would still maintain I that gained an enormous amount from the few weeks at Insight. The people who visited, the networking opportunities, the new skills and interview practice are all huge gains in my book.

Going through Insight I gained a new perspective which allowed me to morph my thought process from that of an academic to that of an industry professional. This transformation was the true spark that helped me make my transition from academia to industry.”

- Praveen Kundurthy, Analytics, Blue Origin
“Let's be honest - every Insight fellow can probably get a job without Insight. However, by becoming an Insight fellow, you will be put on the fast track to getting the right job for you and be able to hit the ground running once you start. Insight is INTENSE, but also a lot of fun thanks to all of the great support of the program directors and other fellows. By finishing the Insight program, not only will you have a great job, but you will also be part of an amazing alumni network full of data science professionals all over the country.

I would highly recommend Insight for anyone looking to do data science!”

- Matt Krems, Data Scientist, Schireson
“I was very impressed with Insight overall and I couldn't be happier or more grateful to be able to participate. I look forward to participating as an alum and to watching the Insight NYC community grow.”

- Noga Neeman, Data Scientist, Via
“Coming in, I had very little idea of what to expect--I packed my bags and moved halfway across the country to a big crazy city I'd never been to before. I had an approximate idea of what data engineering was all about and where I'd like to work eventually, but only a vague plan for a project and few friends in the city. Three months later, I'm very happily employed by a great company, I'm looking for an apartment with two other fellows, and I've learned so much about data engineering from both working on my own pipeline and, most importantly, communicating with my fellow fellows and Insight alumni throughout our turbulent projects. It's unreal how valuable Insight has been to my professional development, and I hope it continues to attract top talent far into the future.”

- Max McKittrick, Data Engineer, Capital One
“My time at Insight has been invaluable for my professional growth. Without Insight, it would've taken me much longer to learn the many facets of data science on my own and I would not have access to a friendly and growing Insight community. It's hard to believe how much I was able to get done in a few short weeks, and at times it was difficult, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

- Lauren Burcaw, Senior Data Scientist, OpenSlate
“Attending Insight was a fantastic decision. The program helped me approach problems in a more business oriented way, and connected me with a diverse array of companies throughout the New York area. At the end of the program, I received multiple offers from the companies that Insight introduced me to, and I'm confident that I'm in a much better place in my career than I would have been without Insight.”

- Richard Knoche, Data Scientist, Flatiron Health
“I came into insight with high expectations, and it was everything I hoped for and more. The exposure to and opportunity to ask questions of ~20 different companies actively looking to hire data scientists is invaluable, the guidance through project development and interview-prep is excellent, and going through the whole process with a cohort of other fellows (with distinct backgrounds, yet common interests/goals) is a huge help.”

- Andrew Thompson, Data Scientist, PatientsLikeMe
Insight is amazing. The program took what I knew and didn't just try to teach me all of the technical and professional skills I needed to get an interview and a job, but showed me how to continue to learn and display those skills in a practical manner. And I met a wonderful set of people in the process. I landed the best job in Boston and I am confident that I never would have had this opportunity without Insight.”

- Jake Siegel, Scientist, Cogen Therapeutics