Data Science
Fellows Program

An intensive 7-week post-doctoral training fellowship bridging the gap between academia & data science.

In 2012, Insight created a new model for professional education

  • Seven week full-time postdoctoral training fellowship
  • Need-based scholarships available
  • Build real-world data science solutions in a self-directed, collaborative environment
  • Learn from top industry leaders and Insight alumni. No classes, no textbooks.
  • Interview with top companies
Silicon Valley
New York
Los Angeles
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Week 1
Week 2-4
Week 5-7
"Before Insight, I struck out with every company I applied to; nobody would hire me! After the program, some of these same companies aggressively pursued me with job offers."
Carlos Faham
Engineering Manager, LinkedIn
Summer 2015 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
Build and deploy cutting-edge data projects
  • Join an exceptional group of smart people
  • Fellows are PhDs and postdocs from diverse STEM backgrounds
  • A commitment to enhancing diversity in the field of data science
  • Over 650 Insight Data Science alumni from over 110 universities
  • Meet the world's top data science industry leaders at every stage of the program
  • Learn about cutting-edge data science from heads of data teams at the world's top companies
  • Receive hands-on mentorship from Insight alumni who themselves are now leading data scientists
  • Interact with over 50 data scientists during your 7 week fellowship
DJ Patil, Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist mentors Insight Fellows
"I was impressed with the caliber of leaders in the field that came to talk to us and devoted so much time to share their experiences in industry"
Seiji Armstrong
Data Scientist, Stealth Security
Summer 2015 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
Alums Mike Grinolds (Co-Founder, Clockwise) and Kelsey Jiang (Data Scientist, Facebook)
Eli Bressert, Insight alum & Head of Siri Platform Science & Insights at Apple
  • 650+ Data Science alumni at over 200 companies
  • Fellows interview with top companies at the end of the program
  • Insight works with every Fellow until they land their first data science role
  • Join an elite data science professional network
"Insight gave me the confidence to work in industry, which is hard to replicate outside of the program"
Adam Jenkins
Data Scientist, Biogen
Winter 2015 Alumnus, New York
  • Insight alumni are shaping the future of the data science industry
  • Insight Fellows are now heads of data teams at Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Airbnb, reddit, Microsoft, and dozens of others
  • Stay connected with a diverse alumni network as you advance in your career
  • Engage in the Insight community through technical workshops and social events
Monica Rogati with Fellows at Insight Women in Tech night
“Not only was the program structured so that each Fellow can find a suitable career path, but ultimately what I appreciate most is the community of people.”
Shelly Jang
Data Scientist, Athos
Winter 2014 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
Fellows hiking up to the Stanford Dish in Palo Alto, California
Fellows in the Summer 2016 Remote program meet in Los Angeles
Insight promotes a fun, supportive, and lasting community
Insight works with hiring teams from diverse companies
“A company to provide scientists a smoother pathway into the tech industry”
"Employers are increasingly looking to an elite program called Insight Data Science Fellows Program.”
“The program combines mentoring by data experts from local companies (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn) with exposure to actual big data challenges.”
Join the Insight Alumni of
Data Scientists & Engineers
Insight Fellows become leaders in data science
Jenelle Bray
Sr Engineering Manager, ML
Insight Fellow Summer 2013
Joe Gallagher
Director of Data Science
Insight Fellow Winter 2013
Anne Bauer
Lead Data Scientist
The New York Times
Insight Fellow Winter 2015
Lisa Qian
Data Science Manager
Insight Fellow Summer 2013