Decentralized consensus
Fellows Program

An intensive 7-week professional training fellowship leading to a career in blockchain engineering and analysis.

Your bridge to a career in consensus engineering
  • Seven week full-time training fellowship
  • Need-based scholarships available
  • Build decentralized consensus tools
  • Push the boundaries of blockchain technology
  • Contribute to the latest open-source projects
  • Learn from top industry leaders and Insight alumni. Self-directed, no classes.
  • Interview with top companies
Silicon Valley
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Week 1
Week 2-4
Week 5-7
  • Fellows are experienced software engineers and academic researchers with a passion for the technology driving the blockchain revolution
  • Open to anybody with a strong coding background and a familiarity with decentralized consensus innovation
  • Fellows transition from their informal / side project involvement into a full-time professional career
  • Mentorship from researchers and developers at leading organizations
  • Learn best practices from top collaborative open-source projects and labs
  • Guidance from in-house technical and career experts
  • Receive one-on-one advice and knowledge from strong core of Insight alumni
"Insight was a very intense but rewarding experience. I highly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the program, and the ability to quickly interact with Fellows when facing a challenge. The mentorship from the alumni and program directors was also a huge benefit. I ended up with my dream job, and couldn't have asked for anything more!"
Ari Silburt
Software Engineer, Bloomberg LP
Summer 2018 Alumnus, Data Science
  • At the end of the program, Fellows interview with leading open-source projects and top companies in Silicon Valley
  • Insight offers individual guidance and opportunities to each Fellow until they land their dream job
  • Gain exposure to industry-standard best practices, both technical and cultural
"Insight was an extremely intense and stressful experience but I am glad I did it. I interviewed unsuccessfully before Insight, and Insight smoothed the interview process considerably. Insight got me direct access to top companies, knowledge of what companies are looking for, how to prepare for interviews, and access to incredibly nice and smart Fellows who are great practice partners."
Jamieanne Wilcox
Data Scientist, Quora
Summer 2018 Alumnus, Data Science
Mentorship from industry data product leaders like Sarang Noether, cryptographer/mathematician at Monero Research Lab
"Insight provided invaluable access to cool companies, resources to prepare for interviews, and a network of accomplished colleagues."
Thomas Noriega
ML Engineer, InferLink Corporation
Winter 2018 Alumnus, Data Science
  • Connect to our to our network of in-house and alumni experts - a decentralized wellspring of both technical knowledge and business savvy
  • While the program ends after 7 weeks, these crucial connections last a lifetime
  • Dozens of events held every year, attended by our alumni at hundreds of tech companies
  • Never fall behind the conversation at the cutting-edge of your field
"Insight was invaluable to me to help me transition into industry. It was an incredible experience working in a fast-paced, challenging atmosphere with so many passionate and incredibly smart fellows. Moreover, I now have access to a large network of former Insight Fellows who are doing great things at top tech companies. This is a wonderful resource to have for my career in industry."
Jeff Breeding-Allison
Data Scientist, Kinship
Summer 2017 Alumnus, Data Science
Insight works with hiring teams from diverse companies

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Insight Decentralized Consensus Lab

The Insight Decentralized Consensus Lab is a Silicon Valley-based technical research and development lab, producing new industry-standard tools for analyzing and engineering decentralized consensus systems. The Lab pursues both internal initiatives and external collaborations with research and development teams in the decentralized consensus and blockchain space. Most Lab projects are released as free open-source software.
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