Fellows Program

An intensive 7-week professional training fellowship leading to a career in security engineering, privacy engineering, and advanced security analysis.

Your bridge to a career in security engineering
  • Seven week full-time training fellowship
  • Need-based scholarships available
  • Engineer trust by building novel adaptive security applications
  • Implement the latest advances in data privacy
  • Champion new ethical data practices
  • Learn from top industry leaders and Insight alumni. Self-directed, no classes.
  • Interview with top companies
Silicon Valley
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Week 1
Week 2-4
Week 5-7
  • Fellows are systems and operations engineers, software developers, and advanced data analysts with a passion for security, privacy, and data ethics
  • Open to anyone with a strong coding background and familiarity with security, networking, IT, or operations
  • Fellows transition from their informal/side project involvement into a full-time professional career
  • Mentorship from software engineers and system architects at leading organizations
  • Learn best practices for security audits and threat management
  • Guidance from in-house technical and career experts
  • Receive one-on-one advice and knowledge from strong core of Insight alumni
“Insight is an incredible program, not only because you get that focused experience and foster those specific skills you need to get an interview, but because it provides challenges, and detailed knowledge and advice that truly prepares you for a successful career.”
Kate Lyons
Data Scientist, Federated Investors
Fall 2018 Alumnus, Data Scientist
  • At the end of the program, Fellows interview with top companies in Silicon Valley
  • Insight offers individual guidance and opportunities to each Fellow until they land their dream job
  • Gain exposure to industry-standard best practices, both technical and cultural
“The company visits and the opportunities to meet with hiring teams are incredibly valuable. It provided me with a better perspective on the teams I wanted to work with, something that is impossible to get from the generic job descriptions on the career sections or job boards. It's a fantastic program if you are committed to making a transition and working hard.”
Tarun Gupta
Manager & Data Scientist, BMO Financial Group
Winter 2019 Data Science Alumnus
Mentorship from security leaders like David Freeman, anti-abuse research scientist/engineer at Facebook.
“Insight is a powerful and elegant program. Fellows collaborate on individual projects during the intense program, learning how to manage projects in a professional environment.”
Faraz Hossein-Babaei
Data Scientist, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
Summer 2017 Data Science Alumnus
  • Connect to our network of in-house and alumni experts who have both technical knowledge and business savvy
  • While the program ends after 7 weeks, these crucial connections last a lifetime
  • Dozens of events held every year, attended by our alumni at hundreds of tech companies
  • Never fall behind the conversation at the cutting-edge of your field
“It is not a bootcamp or a networking hub, but a combination of learning, teaching, and meeting with many different teams and companies that eventually helps you assess the kind of job/team/company you would feel comfortable working with. Each and every Fellow has a different strength, and collaborating together, you not only grow tremendously, but also make lifelong friends and colleagues.”
Tugce Ozturk
Data Scientist, SAP Concur
Winter 2019 Data Science Alumna
Insight works with hiring teams from diverse companies
"A fantastic opportunity for any programmer to sharpen their skills and get an awesome job"
"Employers are increasingly looking to an elite program called Insight Data Science Fellows Program.”
“The program combines mentoring by data experts from local companies (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn) with exposure to actual big data challenges.”
Join the Insight Alumni of
Data Scientists & Engineers
Insight Fellows become leaders in security
James Verbus
Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Insight Fellow Fall 2016
Kevin Kahn
Data Scientist
Insight Fellow Winter 2016
Siyu Guo
Data Engineer, Security
Insight Fellow Summer 2018
Melody Wolk
Data Scientist Infosec
Insight Fellow Fall 2015
Seiji Armstrong
Security ML
Insight Fellow Summer 2015
Jenelle Bray
ML for Anti-Abuse
Insight Fellow Fall 2013
Andrew Zaldivar
Senior Developer Advocate
Insight Fellow Fall 2014
Akira Madono
Data Eng, Security
Insight Fellow Summer 2017