Data engineering
Fellows Program

An intensive 7-week professional training fellowship designed to be your bridge to a career in data engineering.

Your bridge to a career in data engineering
  • Intensive 7 week full-time training
  • Need-based scholarships available
  • Self-directed, no classes
  • Build scalable, distributed data pipelines
  • Utilize your skills, pursue your interests and work with the latest open source big data technologies
  • Get hands-on experience with NoSQL databases, stream-processing and distributed systems
Silicon Valley
New York
Los Angeles
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Week 1
Week 2-4
Week 5-7
  • Join an exceptional group of smart people
  • Fellows are experienced software engineers and graduates with programming backgrounds
  • Open to anyone with a strong background in software engineering and computer science fundamentals
  • Designed for candidates from industry or academic positions
  • Mentorship from data engineering and open source leaders
  • Learn best practices from data teams at top companies
  • Guidance from in-house data engineers
  • Connect with and learn from Insight alumni
Personalized advice from open source leaders like Nathan Marz, Creator of Apache Storm & the Lambda Architecture
Patricio Echague, Split Software Co-Founder & CTO, speaks about internals of NoSQL databases
  • 400+ Data Engineering alumni at over 75 companies
  • Fellows interview with top companies at the end of the program
  • Insight works with every Fellow until they land a data engineering role
  • Join an elite data engineering and data science professional network
"Insight gave me the possibility to tackle very big, real problems. The technologies you work with here are years ahead of the rest of the industry."
Alvin Ko
Data Engineer, Lyft
Summer 2015 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
"Insight enabled me to elevate myself through perseverance and dedication to be able to not only get the job offer I wanted, but also multiple offers at the very companies that wouldn't even give me a phone screen in the year prior. You really have made a difference in my life."
Ryan Irwan
Engineering Manager, Yelp
Summer 2014 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
"The Insight Data Engineering program exposed me to new data engineering tools readily used in industry and gave me the confidence to talk about the technologies in a way I had not been able to before."
Tigran Antonyan
Lead Data Engineer, 605
Fall 2015 Alumnus, New York
Silvia Oliveros, alum and SoftwareEngineer at Apple speaks at Strata + Hadoop World
  • Be part of a strong network of data engineers
  • Dozens of events held every year
  • Alumni return to mentor new Fellows
  • Exchange knowledge to stay on the cutting edge of new technology
“Insight is a supportive environment to learn the technologies that are high in demand, with the opportunity to learn from those in the field that are on top of their game.”
Loryfel Nunez
VP Engineering, JPMorgan Chase
Winter 2016 Alumnus, New York
“I had the most wonderful experience at Insight! Not only have I learnt essential skills for becoming a Data Engineer, but I also acquired great friends. I have always felt supported both by the program directors and the fellows.”
Seda Davtyan
Sr Data Engineer, Spotify
Fall 2014 Alumnus, Silicon Valley
Insight works with hiring teams from diverse companies
"The data engineering program seemed like a fantastic opportunity for any programmer to sharpen their skills and get an awesome job"
"Employers are increasingly looking to an elite program called Insight Data Science Fellows Program.”
“The program combines mentoring by data experts from local companies (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn) with exposure to actual big data challenges.”
Join the Insight Alumni of
Data Scientists & Engineers
Insight Fellows become leaders in data engineering
Thang Nguyen
Data Engineer
The New York Times
Insight Fellow Winter 2016
Patrick Zheng
Sr Data Engineer
Insight Fellow Fall 2015
Loryfel Nunez
VP Engineering
JPMorgan Chase
Insight Fellow Winter 2016
Janusz Slawek
Software Engineer
Insight Fellow Summer 2014