Fellow Outcomes

What Sets INSIGHT Apart

Insight is a collaborative space where Fellows do impactful work that leads to thriving careers. Fellows work closely with our network of industry partners, coaching advisors, and data experts to gain the skills necessary to start a new career, join top companies, and earn more than their industry counterparts.

Fellows earn 24% more than industry standards
Average Starting Base Salary
In addition to an average base salary of $127,363, Fellows receive an average bonus of $11,200.
Source: Data reported from Fellows that completed Insight 2017-2019, compared to corresponding market data reported on Glassdoor in May 2020.
Fellows start a new career quickly
Percent of Fellows that receive offer in relevant field
Months after completion of 7-week program
Source: Date of accepted offer reported by Fellows that joined Insight during 2017-2019
Fellows join top companies
Number of Insight Fellows who have joined each of our top 20 hiring companies
Fellows are supported by a team of experts
Insight doesn’t rely on instructors. Instead, you’ll receive advice and support from a diverse team of experts:
  • Project advice from our full-time team of data scientists and engineers 
  • Mentorship from technical advisors who are working experts in their field
  • Resume & negotiation training from our full-time coaching and development team
  • Interview strategy team fully dedicated to your success during the interview process
“I have had a few different people ask me about Insight, and whether or not it was worth all the blood, sweat and tears. And I always say "Yes. Definitely." I think that Insight really offers something above and beyond what other data science 'bootcamps' can offer. Insight emphasizes that it is not really a bootcamp, and that is absolutely true. We don't just learn some set of data science techniques. We really learn how to make products from start to finish, and design them with advice from professionals in cutting edge companies. And that is one of the most powerful things to have in your portfolio in order to successfully pass interviews and get into the pipeline for the best data science jobs.”

- Melanie Day, Software Engineer, Uber
Highly personalized post-program experience
Beyond the seven-week program, Insight Fellows get access to a structured, highly-personalized post-program experience. This additional experience helps Insight Fellows get jobs 40% faster and earn 20% higher salaries than in comparable markets.
The experience includes:
  • Personalized career coaching
  • One-on-one interview training
  • Additional professional development training
  • Resources through Insight's knowledge-sharing platform
Insight's network is a powerful resource
3000+ Fellow network working at over 700 companies
More than 500 Fellows are now in senior level roles
50 are now Founders, CTOs, and VPs of Engineering
Being an Insight Fellow doesn't end when you get a job. Participating in Insight unlocks lifelong access to an ever-growing network of data scientists and engineers, a community knowledge-sharing platform, and a suite of professional development, personal growth, and networking resources exclusively available to the Insight community.

We stay in touch with our Fellows as they become leaders in their fields, and we’re grateful that they choose to “pay it forward” and act as mentors to future Fellows, just as previous Fellows did for them.

This is an investment in your future that pays dividends for years to come.