Insight works with hiring teams to understand their specific needs. Our unique Fellows program for scientists and engineers creates new talent streams for emerging roles.

Your bridge to talent
  • Rigorous Admissions

    Out of 15,000+ applications per year, the top 8% join Insight

  • Diverse Candidates

    Over half the Fellows come from under-represented background in tech

  • Hire Efficiently & Confidently

    Insight Fellows are four times more likely to be interviewed, and Insight alumni stay in their roles 60% longer than candidates sourced elsewhere

  • You’re in Good Company

    We work with over 700 partners, from Fortune 500 companies to small startups

Your bridge to talent

We work closely with hiring managers and talent acquisition teams to understand their goals and the challenges they face in finding top-tier talent. Our unique approach and rigorous admissions process exposes teams to more, highly-qualified talent saving you both money and time. We focus on roles that are difficult to fill, because they either require specialized expertise or are so new that only a handful of people are considered “qualified” by traditional recruitment standards.

The Insight Experience
Meet the Fellows

Come to Insight and tell us about your team’s challenges and opportunities

Watch Demos

A select number of handpicked Fellows come to your office and give brief presentations of their Fellowship projects


Call back the Fellows you’re most interested in, interview, and hire!

How Insight works with Fellows

Our Fellowship is designed to help top-tier scientists, engineers, and data professionals level up on their existing skills and fill in knowledge gaps. Fellows work on self-ideated projects using the latest tech stacks to solve real-world business problems on a condensed timeline. Through our seven-week collaborative work program, we equip the best talent in the game with the experience and skills they need to take your tech teams to the next level.

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What our partners say
Nathan Lande, Sr. Data Science Manager, Twitter
“Insight is a great program that thoughtfully attracts high potential, diverse candidates with strong academic backgrounds. It ensures that they are armed with the necessary skills it takes to make the jump from academia to industry roles.”
Stephanie Yang, Technical Lead, Foursquare
“I’ve had a stellar experience recruiting from Insight. I’ve worked with them for several years in a row. Each time, the program directors took the time to really listen to the needs of my team and provided a talent pipeline matching exactly what we are looking for. All of the Fellows we’ve hired have been excellent, and I encourage anyone who is trying to grow data science or machine learning teams to work with this program.”
Garry Tan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Initialized Capital
“This fellowship is an incredible community of smart people who keep paying it forward, and along the way, cross-pollinate ideas and methods for new technical fields that didn’t even exist 10 years ago! It truly is a new type of highly applied post-doctorate graduate school, and one of my favorite companies in the Valley.”
Diane Wu, CEO and Co-Founder of Trace Genomics, Inc.
“I was in batch 2013A and have also hired multiple Insight Fellows at Trace. There isn’t a major data company in the valley that isn’t swarmed with Insight Fellows. What an incredible community Insight has built!”
Richard Downe, Director of Data Science, Loblaw Digital
“Insight is a huge asset to the industry. They’re highly selective in their admissions, and their curriculum is robust, making it easy to trust the quality of their graduates. Their formula – teach industry-standard tools to people with solid groundings in fundamental science/math – yields people who not only know how to use the tools of the trade, but also have the capacity to understand how, when, and where to deploy them. They make it easy to meet with the Fellows, and help winnow the field of the cohort to the best candidates to work with. I can’t recommend them enough.”
Jacob Oppenheim, Director of Data Science, Indigo
"Insight has provided us at Indigo with several high-quality data scientists who were able and ready to perform on day 1, building out everything from bioinformatics tools to analysis of remote sensing and geospatial data to probabilistic programming."
Monica Rogati, Data Science and AI Advisor
“Over the past decade, I've hired and worked with many Insight Fellows. I'm always impressed by their creativity, curiosity and technical skills. What sets Insight apart is that Fellows quickly learn, apply, and showcase the latest technologies as part of their projects. As a hiring manager, I love seeing candidates who have already proven they can adapt their strong backgrounds to the pace and expectations of modern data teams.”
Meet some of our Alumni
Lisa Qian
Data Science
Manager Airbnb
Insight Fellow Summer 2013
Loryfel Nunez
VP Engineering
JPMorgan Chase
Insight Fellow Winter 2016
Anne Bauer
Lead Data Scientist
The New York Times
Insight Fellow Winter 2015
Ronak Nathani
Staff SRE
Insight Fellow - Summer 2015
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